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Performance software Stage 1 - 290 HP


Power output enhancement to 290 hp (213 kW)/580 Nm

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Price: 1901,00 incl. 19% USt. - plus Delivery

Optional components:

  • 910.LUFI.0040
    racing air filter - BMW F-Series N57
    89,90 € *
  • Montage69,95 € *
  • 655.UNIV.0007
    Installation - Performance Software
    >> quick and reliable installation
    >> benefit from our experience
    198,00 € *
  • 650.ZFHP.0005.C
    Transmission control optimization - ZF
    only for vehicles with ZF 6HP/8HP and DKG
    >> reduced fuel consumption by optimizing shift points and earlier activation of lock up clutch
    >> shortened shift times
    >> rised torque limiter
    >> fastest shift mode when "DSC off" active
    >> higher engine speed with active launch control
    >> gear display in any mode
    >> rised clutch pressure
    >> automatic upshifting deactivated
    >> optimized S-shift point for sporty driving
    >> revmatch when downshifting

    (implementation of specifications depends on used vehicle)
    448,00 € *
  • 630.UNIV.0005.B
    VMAX increase - included
    >> increase of V-MAX limitation
    >> only in combination with Performance Software
    >> limitation depends on maximum tire speed
    0,00 € *
  • 960.DYNO.0010
    measurement of engine output, Chassis Dynamometer
    >> Dyno test 1: Determination of engine power at arrival
    >> Dyno test 2: Determination of engine power at departure
    >> Superflow SF-880E all wheel drive dynamometer

    note: article for 2 dyno runs without 2nd preparation for dyno.
    228,00 € *
    TÜV individual acceptance - performance software
    657,50 € *
  • 950.BDGE.0015
    infinitas boot logo raised
    >> Available in three colors
    >> 1 piece
    >> 170 mm
    28,00 € *
  • 950.BDGE.0105
    infinitas hood/trunk badge
    >> infinitas logo
    >> Standard color: black
    >> One emblem each for hood and trunk
    78,00 € *

Required for self-installation:

    i-Flash Genius OBD
    >> Programming the engine control unit
    >> Delivery with PC software (download online)
    >> infinitas remote software update possible
    >> Easy handling via the vehicle's OBD interface

    Note: In some cases, vehicles are euipped with a software version, which denies reading and writing ecu data via the OBD port, or, where the stock file is not present in the database.
    In these cases the i-Flash Genius cant be used at this moment. The tuning can only be realised in the shop or by sending in the ecu.
    The tool will connect to the vehicle ident number and is only usable with this car.
    If an ecu update is going to be performed, use the Genius Tool to return the car to stock first.
    298,00 € *


Advantages of our performance software:
>> Individual motor software adaptation
>> Improved torque and power development
>> Easily reversible modification
>> OEM motor protection functions
>> OEM diagnostic function
>> Optimized fuel consumption
>> Competent support
>> Benefit from our years of experience
>> Extensively tested: hot and cold country trials

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